Thursday, 25 June 2009

Beauty Spot

I'm gearing up for this wedding we're going to on Saturday, and I'm off to be spraypainted orange have a fake tan tonight. I'm a bit nervous, as the last one I had was disasterous. I was mahogany. Fortunately it was just my legs that were mahogany, so I wore trousers. But this time I'm going for the whole hog, top to toe. However, it's at a good salon, and they use Fake Bake which has 2 shades of spray tan, one for fair skin and one for darker skin. I'm hoping for a lovely glow like Marilyn's - I'll post photos if the results aren't too horrific.

I'm also trying out some new make-up, and I wanted to tell everyone about it because it's so fab. I've been hearing good things about mineral make-up for a while, and wanted to give it a go but it seemed quite expensive. But loads of lovely people who make mineral make-up are happy to send out little samples for a few pennies, which is a brilliant idea. It's really caught on in the States, and there are lots of sellers on Etsy, but as usual I've left everything to the last minute so needed someone based in the UK so it would get to me in time.

I found 2 companies, and I'm really impressed with both of them. Lily Lolo have a range of foundations, eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers as well lipgloss. You can order a sample pot of foundation or bronzer for just 99p, and they have little sample bags of blusher for 49p. A little goes a very long way, so a pot will last for a few weeks meaning you can really test it properly.

Funky Fresh currently only sells on eBay, but has an online shop under construction so should have a website soon. They do a great range of eyeshadows, and you can order sample kits of a whole range (like the Precious Jewels range in the picture), or a custom sample order, where you choose 4 samples of foundation, blush, concealer, corrector, bronzer, finisher or eye colour for just 99p. Bargainous!

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  1. Ooo, thanks for the links! I use mineral foundation and really love it :) Good luck with the spray tan!