Saturday, 19 February 2011

It's not you, it's me....


Good news - I have a pretty new netbook. Bad news - I don't think I want to blog any more.

While I was laptopless I thought at lot about why I blog, and whether it was worth continuing. I don't really feel like I'm contributing anything to the greater good by waffling on about what I'm sewing. I don't really have any technical insights to share, and I can't remember the last time I did a tutorial. I love being part of a crafty community, but I think I can do that without blogging. I love showing off what I've made, but I can do that via Flickr, or Pattern Review. I have limited spare time, and composing and editing blog posts doesn't come top of my priorities list, so I end up feel guilty that I haven't blogged, or guilty that I've spent 2 hours writing a post and taking pictures of it. This is not how it should be.

So this is my last post. It's been fun, and I've met some lovely people along the way. If you want to you can add me to your contacts in Flickr (just search for smallandfurry) or if you're really brave you can email me (pickledweasel at and we can facebook each other til it hurts :)

Lots of love,

Pickled Weasel and Munchkin x x x