Friday, 30 October 2009

Floaty Ghosts - tutorial for munchkins

Happy halloweeeeen! I'm a bit halloweened out, as on Thursday I did halloween crafts with 60 children. Yes, that's right, SIXTY. Not all at once, although it felt like it. We ran a session for under 7's and a session for 7's and over, and did three different craft activities for each. One of the advantages of working in a public library is that you have access to as many craft related books as you can shake a stick at, and so most of the stuff I did was from Usborne Activity books. However, I did have an original idea of my own (gasp!). Here's a quick and easy tute on how to make a Floaty Ghost.

You will need:
An egg box
A pencil/pen for bodging a hole
White tissue paper / crepe paper / kitchen roll torn into strips
Glue (the runny stuff, pritt stick isn't strong enough)
Little round stickers (or a black marker pen)
A big needle
Elastic - I used shirring elastic

1. Cut a 'bobble' of egg box out

2. Bodge a hole in the top of the bobble with your pencil.

3. Smother your bobble in glue.

4. Stick strips of your white paper to your bobble, making sure you cover it completely. Add more glue on top and stick another layer if necessary.

5. Wait for it to dry a bit (distract your munchkin with a toffee apple or something).

6. Stick on your eyes. I stole these stickers from work found these white stickers and coloured them black with a marker, but you could just use marker if you haven't got stickers.

7. Thread your elastic onto your big needle, and poke your needle through the hole you made in the top of the egg box bobble (go from underneath the bobble and out through the top)

8. Secure your elastic to the underside of your bobble with some tape.

9. You've made your floaty ghost!

These are so easy to make, and they were a great hit on thursday with the little munchkins and the big ones. Hope everyone has a spooktacular weekend planned. We're meant to be going to a bonfire party tomorrow night (i have no idea why they're having a bonfire party instead of a halloween one, but hey, there'll be booze and I'm going to wear sparkly things, so I don't care), but Munchkin is scuppering our plans somewhat by being sick. Three times :( I'm hoping she makes a miraculous recovery by tomorrow, as I can't really ask grandma pickledweasel to babysit a poorly child. Fingers crossed...


  1. What a cute project - and great for kids! Thanks for the tutorial!

    Plus, you've made me realize what an excellent word "bodge" is. :-)