Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Cord tunic

This is the second tunic I've made, and it's a slightly heavier weight so that Munchkin can wear it now. The original one was in summery fabric, and size 2T - this one's 18 months and a perfect fit. One side is in a really soft cord from Abakhan, and the other side is some embroidered cotton twill that was a remnant in the new magic fabric shop. I love the colour combination - I think baby Juliet will get a diddy version as a Christmas present.

Apologies for the out of focus photos / messy house / unkempt child model. I need a new house so I can a) have a studio to work in, rather than have to do my craft stuff on the dining room table, and then worry about munchkin eating pins I've dropped on the floor, and b) have a small photographic studio with a variety of backdrops including an immaculate child's bedroom, a sophisticated bar (for when I want to take photos of me in stuff I've made, seeing as how I never actually go out), and an 'outdoors' backdrop, because it's always raining in the real outdoors.

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  1. This is CUTE! I'm forwarding this to my friend who has a two year old!