Monday, 5 October 2009

Christmas Making - Neckwarmer no. 2

This one's for my mum, and is in a lovely soft maroon wool. She recently had a big wardrobe clearout, and the button is salvaged from a cardigan she got rid of. Bit cheeky, giving her back her own button, but it went so well I couldn't resist :)

When I was at the shop choosing the maroon wool I saw this lovely purpley-blue and couldn't resist as it was in the bargain basket. But what to knit with it? I really want some wrist warmers, but looking at all the patterns it seems I'll need to use double pointed needles, and I think they're a bit beyond my skills at the minute.

Even though in this video, the lady demonstrating at the end says, 'It's that simple!' It really doesn't look it. It looks like it could end in tears and possibly some eye gouging with the spare needle. I'll just have to put wrist warmers on my Christmas list :)


  1. aaargh I just write a lovely comment all about how to use dpns but wordpress has eaten it.
    will try again later

  2. Don't fear the dpns - it just takes a little practice. I normally use 3 and knit with a 4th, while some people prefer to have the knitting on 4, and knit with a 5th. It just takes a wee while to get the hang of how you hold them best, then it's easy.

    Here are my top tips.

    To join in the round without twisting or leaving a gap - Cast on the number of stitches you need, plus one extra, onto one dpn (or a straight needle). knit one row in whatever pattern (eg knit, rib etc), but don't knit the last stitch (the extra one). Then transfer the stitches to three dpns. Bring the needles round into a triangle, with the working yarn (and the extra stitch) on the dpn in your right hand, and the other end of the knitting in your left hand, making sure that it isn't twisted, and that the yarn is on the outside of the triangle (!). Slip the extra stitch over onto the first dpn (ie where you will start knitting the round), and knit it together with the first stitch. This helps to make a nice tight join.

    Also, make sure you pull the yarn really tight on the first couple of stitches of each needle, to avoid any gaps at the corners.

    Good luck!