Monday, 19 October 2009

Custom knitted wristwarmers

Remember this lovely purpley wool?

Well, I thought a bit more about embarking on a double pointed needle journey, and decided it would be a bad move and end up in an unfinished project. And that would be sad because the wool is so nice it deserves to be worn, not languish in a cupboard somewhere.

So I thought I would find someone who could do some knitting for me. And I found Lottie Lodge on Coraindr. She's ace. Look at what she made me!

I'm so pleased with them, they're exactly what I wanted. She was very specific in the information she asked for, and I had to draw round my hand (which was fun :) and provide measurements so they're the perfect fit. And all for the bargain price of £10!

I'm wearing them now, as it's bloomin freezing, and I really can't bring myself to have the central heating on during the day until it's at least November :) If you want something knitted but don't have the skills Lottie's service is perfect. She'll provide you with a quote before you commit to buy, and you can either send her some wool you already have, or she can find yarn for you. Or maybe even buy some from Woolworks or Tomato Tea and have it sent to Lottie!


  1. I am SO in favour of people sending me yummy TomatoTea/Woolworks yarn, commission optional... ;P

    So glad you're enjoying the wristwarmers, and thank you for blogging!

  2. Lottie is an ACE knitter! Those wrist warmers look super soft and cozy :)

    And holy moly! Thanks so much for the mention! :D Lottie has already knit up some of my yarn and i'm sure she wouldnt mind some more! hehe!

  3. Oooh they look fantastic - I'd be honoured to have Lottie knit up some of my yarn, thanks for the mention :)

  4. You are both lovely. :) Thank you!