Monday, 7 September 2009

Breaking News: New Magic Fabric Shop.

*Beepitty beep beep beepitty beep bing bing* (news jingly music)

We are bringing you breaking news from East Lancashire. Earlier today it was discovered that a brand new magic fabric shop has opened its doors in Rossendale. Pickledweasel, mother of one, spoke to us earlier today with her account of its discovery:

'It's amaaaaazing. Just like the original magic fabric shop, but a lot more orderly and with less stuff, and it's only 5 minutes drive from me rather than a trek halfway across the county. I bought all this fabric and it only cost £9.40!'

Eyewitnesses reported dress fabrics being sold for as little as £1.00 per yard, Irish linens for £3.00 a yard, and remnants for as little as 50p.

It's feared that the presence of a new magic fabric shop in the area will increase rates of fabric hoarding by up to 73%. Rossendale Council have already received a strongly worded letter of protest about the opening of the shop from a Mr Pickledweasel.

And now, the weather.....


  1. Okay, do they have a website? If not, I'm moving in with you.

  2. There's a website address on the carrier bag, but when I checked there wasn't anything there, just a notice saying the domain name had been bought. If you move in, you'll have to share a room with Munchkin :)