Friday, 4 September 2009

Cardigan flowerification

Our local Ethel Austin relocated to the empty Woolies recently (eee, it's all go in our neck of the woods), and they had a closing down sale. I picked up a couple of boys chunky ribbed zip-up cardigans for Munchkin for 75p each, one for now and one a bit bigger for later.

Obviously I couldn't leave them plain and bare and boring! I started with the one that fits now, and printed flowers with black fabric paint on to some (Liberty?) cotton scraps, and then appliqued them on to black felt.

I was a bit worried about sewing onto a knitted fabric, but it was surprisingly easy. Even if I had made a hash of it, you wouldn't be able to see the wonky sewing on the black felt.

The other cardigan is a fawny/oatmealy colour, so I thought something in pink would go well. I'm not sure whether to do more flowers or try something different... I'll have to see how the blue cardigan washes, I'm a bit worried about the colour in the felt running.

In other craft news, the pattern I bought to help make my 'copycat but less slutty' dress. has arrived in the post. Unfortunately, in between ordering the pattern and it arriving, I seem to have purchased a purple silk halterneck dress for the bargain price of £75 (reduced from £249) with the intention of wearing it to the wedding. Ooops :)

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