Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I have craft goblins

I do. They have been hiding things. I'm having a pretty crappy week anyway - a cold, sinusitis, possibly no job in about 4 weeks time, an interview last week that I still haven't heard anything back from, rubbish hair, not enough leave left to go on holiday in October, and a Munchkin with a hacking cough.

And then yesterday the craft goblins struck. Grandma pickledweasel is doing a craft fair this weekend (she makes fused glass jewellery), and had kindly said I could put a few of my little wooden brooches on her stall. So I've been making some new ones. Only yesterday I needed my brooch backs to finish them, and I couldn't find them anywhere. Annoyingly I had seen them the day before and thought, 'Hmmm, that's a silly place to keep brooch backs, I'd never think of looking for them there if I needed them.' And then I promptly forgot where they were, and then the craft goblins moved them and now they're lost forever.

So after the brooch fiasco I thought I would sit down and do a quiet bit of knitting. After confessing my knitting fear t'other day, I went and bought a really easy little cardigan pattern - it's just knit knit knit all the way, apart from the ribbing on the edges, and the knitting shop lady said she'd help me with that if I got stuck. Grandma pickledweasel gave me this lovely wool from her stash, I think it's from the eighties, and it's just perfect for a summer cardi.

Only when I got the carrier bag out last night, 4 of the balls of wool had become tangled in a big woolly knotty mess. The work of craft goblins, obviously. So rather than spending the evening casting on and doing lovely easy rows, I sat in front of the telly swearing as I tried to untangle it all.

I've set traps and baited them with jam and some buttons, but I don't know if they'll work. Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of a goblin infestation?


  1. I actually like untangling things, does that make me weird? And if you find any way to rid yourself of the craft goblins, pass that info on because I have them too. Or maybe it's the giant spiders that are popping up all over the house?

  2. I think there may be some sort of spider / goblin collaboration going on. Maybe spiders are like goblin horses?
    I like ironing, so I'm equally weird.