Thursday, 3 September 2009

Beep beep bib

Here we have some pictures of Munchkin looking grumpy in her new beep beep bib. I had to tempt her with crumpet to look at the camera.

The front is my car stamp in red fabric paint, on recycled chambray, and the back is red cotton sheeting hand stamped with black fabric paint.

This is a special bib which will go to grandma pickledweasel's house - she has limited bib numbers and Munchkin is currently refusing all feeding assistantce at meal times, meaning she gets through three bibs per day :)
She is getting quite good with a fork or a spoon, but she inevitably resorts to hands after a bit. She is a big fan of dips, after we had one of those packs from Tesco with four different sorts in. She's become very inventive with her dipping technique - last week she dipped toast crusts in her weetabix.

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