Monday, 21 September 2009

Christmas Making - Knitted neckwarmer

I love my cobbled together neckwarmer so much, I thought I'd make a couple as Christmas presents. I finished the first one yesterday, and I'm really pleased with it.

It's for my brother's girlfriend, and I think the blue will be perfect for her colouring, as she has olivey skin and lovely dark brown hair.

It's knitted all in mock fisherman's rib, from a really chunky wool. It didn't take too long to do, so I'm going to start on my next one tomorrow, which is for my mum. I had said I was going to make one for munchkin, which I did, but my measurements came out all wrong and it's far too big, so I'm going to have to unravel it and start over again.

I shouldn't really be here blogging, as I have a job application form to fill in for tomorrow, and so far I've just done the easy bits, so you ain't seen me, right? ;)

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