Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Matchy mommy and matchy munchkin

My local Asda has inexplicably started reducing bits of clothing to £1 and putting them on a little rail next to the 'Travelator'. Most of it is useless - bikini bottoms with no tops, or huuuuuge bras*, but there have been a few star finds.

A few weeks ago there were two sun dresses made from lovely cotton, one a size 22 and the other size 24. 'No problem' I thought, 'All the more fabric to play with!' Here's dress No. 1 in its original state:

And here's the top I made for me:

I cut it a little too short initially, so I added a band at the bottom to lengthen it a bit:

Here's the back:

The elasticated bit was already in the dress, which gave the top a nice shape around the chest and then made it a bit smocky as it widened out.
And here's the skirt I made for Munchkin:

This was so easy. All the hard work was done, as I used the bottom of the dress as the bottom of the skirt. I just sewed up the side, made a casing at the top and popped my elastic in. And I still have some fabric left over! Enough to make another Munchkin skirt, although she doesn't really need two.... maybe I'll make it and run a giveaway.

I still have to tackle dress No. 2, which is a lovely sage green colour. It's just a shame it's now autumn and I'm going to have to wear chunky big cardigans over my new sun tops :)
*Ok, maybe these things would be useful to people who don't mind topless sunbathing, or who have huuuuuge bosoms.


  1. I've got huge bosoms so you could send them to me!

    Love, love, love those recons, great job!

  2. I shall think of you when I'm at the bottom of the travelator :)