Friday, 26 November 2010

Stairway to Heaven

I am deliriously happy to report that myself and mr pickledweasel are now sleeping in the neverending loft conversion. In a bed, and with carpet and everything!

We finished painting the woodwork on the landing on Monday, and the carpet fitters came the next day. The carpet in the hall makes such a huge difference :) We still have to decorate our old bedroom, which will become Munchkin's new bedroom, but for now we're just keeping the door closed and ignoring it.

There is just literally a bed in our new bedroom, not because we're going for the minimalist look, but because we've only bought one chest of drawers so far and we haven't put it together yet. I don't care though, I'd keep it that way if I could. It's so calming waking up in a room that's full of light and space...the rest of the house looks like some sort of slum in comparison. I'm hoping the contrast will shock me into trying to get everywhere else as clean and junk free, but I think in reality I'll just spend more time in the new room :)

In amongst all the excitement I managed to get to the Abakhan sale preview and bagged myself some bargains. The elephants and the apples are for Munchkin, but I'm undecided on the skulls yet. As it's cuddlefleece I think it's probably more suited to 'loungewear', so I'm thinking I might make a pull-on hoodie for me to wear in the mornings. I'd love to do Munchkin something with it, but I fear it's too pyjama-y to be worn outside.

Munchkin's woodland nap quilt is coming along nicely, and I'm now ready to machine quilt it before I back and bind it. Hurray for all things bed-related!

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  1. Congratulations! I can almost smell new carpet and paint from the pictures. :)