Tuesday, 7 April 2009


It's Tuesday. It's raining. I have been up since 5am as munchkin is teething. I am surrounded by washing. The washing, once done, will turn into ironing. Bah.

But munchkin has gone to sleep for a bit, and so I've had a wander round the web while I've got some peace and quiet. What's struck me since I've been doing this blogging malarky is the huuuuuuge number of fantastic people out there who provide wonderful tutorials for plebs like me to follow. The only problem is that there's so much stuff to do!

So today's post is about what I would do if I had some spare time, say, an extra day in the week. Let's call it Doday. It'd come in between saturday and sunday :) Here's what I would be doing on doday this week.

I'd be stitching one of the free patterns over at Badbird's blog. They're just yummy.

Then I'd make myself a mini terrarium. Mine would have a squirrel in it.

And finally (after afternoon tea and scones), I'd make a start on this supercute little hat for munchkin, from Sockpixie.

If only.....*sigh*

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