Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sink or Swim

Several things happened this week. I started my new job, and am really enjoying it. Everyone is lovely, it's a really nice library, and only doing 2 days a week is fan-bloomin-tastic. Munchkin got on fine at Grandma Pickled Weasel's (can I confess I was actually a bit disappointed? She cheerfully waved me off each day, and didn't seem bothered in the slightest!).

Last night I went out for a meal with some new friends I've made through a playgroup. We had yummy Chinese, and a couple of glasses of wine, and a good old chinwag. And it reminded me that I do have a brain, and can conduct grown-up conversations where I'm not talking about Poppy Cat, or why you can't drink the water from the cat's bowl. I intend to do it again some time soon :)

And the last thing that happened was the decision not to carry on with Pickled Weasel in its current form. My original idea was to sell personalised and handprinted tees and vests for babies and children. Which I still think is a good idea. But I can't for the life of me make my products work. I've been making letter stamps using foam alphabets, and stamping with fabric paint, but the finish just isn't good enough. I need small enough fonts to be able to fit long names on little vests, and I just can't find any. And I've been holding back on doing proper marketing until I've found a solution to the problem. I've come to the conclusion that there isn't a solution :(

So rather than putting lots of time and effort into going round and round in circles, I'm calling it a day. I'm still going to blog, because I've discovered I really enjoy it (even if no-one reads it!). I'm still going to make small things to sell, because I enjoy being creative and I'd like to try and make some pocket money out of it. But my 'Big Idea' is gone. It feels a bit sad really.

To make end on a cheery note, here is a picture of Munchkin in the bath :)


  1. That's an adorable picture, she's gorgeous!

    I'm sorry that you're calling it a day (unless of course you're totally happy to, in which case, I'm happy for you!). I've had many times when I've decided to call it a day through frustration- things not turning out how I wanted them, not being given the time or space to make things, putting huge effort into it and no one buying... If you're at a stage where you don't enjoy it, take a step back. You'll probably think of some other direction to take and get excited about, I know I do!!

    I was having a look around Etsy for you (hope you don't mind!) and there are loads of cute mini alphabet stamps like these ones:

    Have you tried bought stamps as opposed to ones you're made yourself? There are soooo many cute stamps on Etsy, this is my favourite shop:

    Don't lose heart if you want it to work!

    Amanda x

  2. Lovely pic :-)
    I'm with Amanda on this one - happy for you if it's what you want, but I really hope it's not about the number of buyers (or lack thereof) on a certain site...cos that is not your fault.
    I'm following your blog, so I shall look forward to seeing what happens.

  3. Thanks for your kind words ladies :)
    Amanda - I have tried stamps like that, but they are teeeny weeeny, and very difficult to put paint on. There are other wood mounted rubber alphabet stamps, but I've found they don't work well with fabric unfortunately.
    I'll keep thinking about it in the background, and if a solution appears I'll get back on track. But I'm tired of it for the minute, and finding it frustrating getting nowhere, so it's time for a change of plan.
    Nifty - when I get round to making new things to sell they'll be going on Coriandr. I shall say no more! :)