Sunday, 10 January 2010

Grandma - my favourite photo

The lovely Kym from Sugarmouse has tagged me to show my favourite photo. I have a squillion favourites, of Munhkin, and of me and mr pickledweasel, and some of my brother when he was diddy, but I plumped for this one to share with you.

This is my grandma on my mum's side, in her back garden in Wolverhampton. Her name was Winifred, although everyone called her Rose, which was her middle name. I think this was taken in the seventies, although it's hard to tell - she had a 'save for best' policy with clothes and very rarely wore anything new, so was still wearing polyester slacks 20 years after they'd gone out of fashion :)

My uncle Mick took the picture, and he's captured her perfectly. I think she's probably saying something along the lines of 'Day be daft, purrit away!'*. She kept a meticulous house, and was about to sweep the yard or do some weeding or something. I love that she has curlers in her hair.

She died when I was 23, and I miss her very much. I would have loved her to have met my daughter, I'm sure they would have got on famously.

*If you can't understand a word of this, have a look at this BBC site or try this translation service :)


  1. lovely picture.You and your Munchkin look a lot like her!

  2. I love this story and the photo - and my munchkins being black country born (if not thoroughbred!) I get the lingo!

    Love your blog by the way! New to it all myself, but am tentatively starting out with some fellow crafty muthas - - check it out if you get a chance and see what we're up to in Bearwood! Ceri x