Thursday, 7 January 2010

Indian Midnight Dress

A poncy name for it, I know, but I really think it fits with the fabric. This is the stuff I bought from Abakhans a couple of weeks ago, and it was such a small piece I was really worried I wouldn't have enough to make a dress, but I did!

The pattern is Heidiandfinn's Ruffle Jumper Dress (but without the ruffles). Dead easy to sew, simple instructions, and I like the fit too. Although I think next time I'll make it longer. The lining is made from an old black jersey top of mine, and softens it a bit as the material is quite stiff, almost like a canvas.

Munchkin hates it. I put it on her this morning, with some pale pink tights and then a pair of black leggings over the top of the tights (it is -5 here today), and she screamed like a banshee and clawed at it like it was made of nettles or something. After about 20 minutes of tears and writhing on the floor, I took it off her. She made me take the leggings off as well.

Then she chose this sugary confection to wear instead (careful with the comments people, it was a present from a relative...). This is her telling me all about the kitty on the front of the dress.

We're still snowed in. You may think this is the photo I took just before Christmas, but no, it's the same road but it was taken yesterday. My car is stuck and can't go anywhere, and to make matters worse Munchkin's pushchair is in the boot, which is frozen solid. I went down to the car today to try and defrost it with a hot water bottle, but Munchkin has decided she is allergic to snow and wouldn't stand on the floor. I couldn't even get the door open so I could sit her in her seat while I chipped away at 3" of ice! Normally we would just wrap up warm and trek off to the library or the market, but we're well and truly housebound. I have a craft organised for this afternoon, and lots of Peppa Pig and the Wotwots recorded that we can watch later, so we should just survive :) Anyone else suffering with snow-induced boredom?


  1. Lovely dress. Thankfully my little Whirlwind has not formed any opinions on her wardrobe yet!
    We are currently also housebound surviving our days with Peppa and Dora!
    I have just tagged you to share your favorite Photo with the blogging word!
    x K

  2. Ooh, thanks for the tag! I'll have to have a think and go through my photos....

  3. I'm loving the snow - so sorry your littlie doesn't appreciate its beauty.