Monday, 5 April 2010

Pinafore mania

I am in love (again, I'm always in love with something or other, whether it's fabric or mr pickled weasel) with this little pinafore.

I went to Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC last Sunday and found a stall selling Australian craft magazines. I was chatting to the nice man and flicking through one called Homepsun, and saw this project for a pinafore dress with a Matryoshka applique on the front and back. It was pretty late in the day and I had been looking for a pattern to buy but hadn't found one, so splashed out just over a fiver on the magazine instead.

Earlier in the day I had very conveniently bought a metre of this fab Michael Miller fabric with the words, 'Ooooh, I'll make a dress for Munchkin with this!'. It was obviously destiny. It's lined with the last of my pink heavy weight slightly stretchy embroidered cotton - the remnant I bought cost 90p and has been used as lining for three tunic tops as well as this dress, so has been completely bargainous.

Brilliantly the pattern was in three sizes, 0-1, 2-3 and 4-5, and was very easy to follow with lovely straightforward instructions. I am intending to make the Matryoshka version, I'm just waiting for a trip to the magic fabric shop so I can get some cord, and I think I'll be sewing a couple as presents as well.

And yes, dear reader, I have done buttonholes. BUTTON-FLIPPIN-HOLES!!!!1!1!!! We still haven't done them at college (don't get me started), but amongst the other bits and bats I bought at the NEC was a book entitled 'How to Make Buttonholes and Pockets' published in 1960, and that, along with my sewing machine manual, helped me master them. There's no stopping me now folks! There'll be buttons on everything, mark my words :)

Sorry you can't see the dress very well, munchkin was having a bit of a supermodel tantrum, and I only managed to get these photos with the assistance of the lovely grandma pickledweasel who you can see in the background.


  1. So adorable. I love the size of the print on her. It's just right.

  2. Fantastic buy and that fabric is delicious! Well done on the buttonholes, they look ace :)

  3. Absolutely stunning!! Well done, who needs college!

  4. This pinafore is gorgeous!! Well done - it looks really good.
    Pics of my munchkin in the tunic you made are coming soon I promise!