Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Thirty Minute Pledge.

The interweb is eating my life. Look, here he is, chewing on my arm.

I can easily waste an evening jumping from Facebook to a blog to a fabric shop to another blog to icanhascheezburger to eBay to another blog to Burdastyle to another blog to Etsy to Amazon to another blog to net-a-porter and back to Facebook again. And then it's time for bed, and I haven't really achieved anything apart from bookmark another 32 projects to add to my ridiculous 'to do' list and made myself sad because I can't afford any fabric / books / patterns / designer handbags.

As from tomorrow this will no longer happen, as I'm taking a 30 minute pledge. I will be allowed 30 minutes internet time per day. Hopefully this will let me reclaim at least an hour of time per evening that I can use for sewing or pattern drafting, which means I'll get an extra 7 hours crafting time per week. That's like having a whole nother day!

I figure 30 minutes is enough to check emails, have a quick scan of my favourite blogs, and get anything else important done. As for writing blog posts, I'll be drafting them on paper initially, and then typing them up when they're finished. I know, it's very retro-chic, n'est ce pas? As I only blog once or twice a week it should be quite easy to do. If I'm short of time I might just scan the draft and post it as a picture :)

Does anyone fancy joining me in my thirty minute pledge? Just to show you how productive it can be, for the first week I'm going to log all the things I do with my reclaimed 7 hours. But for now, I'm off to enjoy my last evening of unlimited interweb access. If you need me, I'll be playing Bejewelled.


  1. I need to go on this diet, but can't bring myself to just yet...

    Might I suggest, though, the lovely app cooltimer? It's free and you can set it to play any sound/mp3 you want when time is up. I've used it at home and (ahem) at work to restrict internet time. I've also used it to time unpleasant tasks, as in "I will run the shredder for 2 minutes every day until this pile is gone."

    Good luck!

  2. I'm very interested to hear how you do with this.

    I feel the same way about the internet. I've unsubscribed from quite a few of yahoo groups so I've lessened my email. I thought that would help but I still seem to be sucked in to other internet things.

    I look forward to your post next week...

  3. I'm trying something similar and it is amazing how you don't realise how much time is spent online. It's a real will power battle though :-)