Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sitting on top of the world

Today Munchkin is a whole two years old. She doesn't quite understand the concept of it all, but she has got the hang of presents and cards and cake :)

I was all set to make her a squillion presents, but I thought about it for a while, and I figured I was probably doing it for me rather than her and I didn't have the time anyway. So I thought about what she would really like, and made that instead. I bought this fabric about a month ago, not knowing what I was going to do with it but at the same time knowing that it would definitely be used and not just sit in my stash. When I brought it home Munchkin took it out of the carrier bag and lay on it, looking at all the different countries, so the obvious choice was to make a floor cushion out of it.

There is a guy down the road from us who makes cushions and curtains and has a shop where he sells upholstery fabric on the cheap. He made the inner for me for £4.50! I told him he should be charging more, I was expecting to pay at least a tenner :)

Munchkin loves it, and I'm hoping it'll be a favourite lounging spot for years to come.


  1. I love it! I'm furiously sewing a felt tea set for Rylee's upcoming 2nd - June 4th! Almost the same as Munchkin.

  2. I love that fabric, what is it?! Might need me some for a quilt... Lovely pillow and happy birthday to the Munchkin BTW!

  3. Happy 2nd Birthday to your little Munchkin.

    I love the World Map fabric for the floor cushion. It looks great.

  4. Thanks peeps. KC - the fabric was from the Magic Fabric shop, £2.00 a metre. There's no writing on the selvedge saying who it's by, so I'm guessing it's seconds? Although I can't find anything wrong with it. It's a bit heavy duty for a quilt cover, more like sturdy curtain material. I can go and see if there's any left and post it if you want me to :)

  5. Aw! Happy birthday to your little one! What a lovely present, that fabric is perfect for a big girl of a whole two years old! :)