Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Little Bit of Kiwi Sunshine

Isn't this little tyke a cutie? This is Pepi, and she lives in New Zealand with her ex-pat mum and dad.

OOooh, look what a cute little tunic she has on, I wonder who made that for her? Hmmm, that fabric looks familiar...

Her mum saw the tunic on my blog and emailed me to ask if I'd make one for her to buy. I feel a bit funny about making clothes to sell, as I still don't think my sewing skills are up to scratch to produce garments that are of high enough quality. So I said I'd be happy to make her one and she could just cover postage and fabric costs.

In the end there were no wonky seams or holes under the arms or anything, so I think if on the off chance that anyone else asks for a custom item I'd be confident in charging them proper prices. And now the little tunic is happily living in the New Zealand sunshine, spending its days going to the park and generally having fun :) You can read all about Pepi and her family's experiences of living in NZ on her mum's blog. But just to warn you, you might get a bit jealous when you read about the free swimming pools and the beautiful beaches...


  1. It looks fabulous, you should definitely feel more confident in your abilities! What a pretty little girl :)

  2. Awww - proud Mummy moment seeing my daughter's photos on your blog...we love the tunic! Thanks again and as I said, based on the number of comments about where we got it whenever she wears it, I reckon you could easily start selling them (especially over here in Kiwi land where the shops are so limited). xx