Monday, 11 October 2010

Giveaway in a bits and bobs de-stash celebratory past halfway neverending loft conversion styley!

I know, it' such a snappy title :)

So, I've listed a tiny percentage half my fabric stash on eBay, and should you wish to get your grubby little mitts on it, you can look at it here. I was going to put it on Etsy, but I had no idea what price to put on things, so instead everything's starting at 99p and it'll all get sold. All profits go to the Pickled Weasel New Bedroom Furniture Fund.

But if you haven't got any pennies, and you want some of the loveliness that's listed, read on. You can win all the pretty things pictured in this post. The fabric is just bits and bobs, things that wouldn't really sell on eBay but that people with crafty skillz could use, and then there's a few other random things thrown in for good measure. I hope you like them :)

All you need to do is leave a comment telling me about your favourite tutorial on the interwebs, and a link to it if you can work out how to in the comments box (I often can't, being a bear of little brain, so I don't expect you to).

We're cracking on with all the painting (mr pickledweasel even has roller-related blisters), and I can see light at the end of the loft conversion tunnel, so I'm starting to think about all the craftings I can do when I no longer have a paintbrush surgically attached to my hand. I need new things to covet and drool over and stick on my never ending to-do list.

International bods are more than welcome to enter, and I will draw a winner at random on Friday the 15th of October. As an added weaselly bonus, if you enter the giveaway and happen to win one of the things listed on eBay, I'll give you first class postage for the price of second class. Not much, I know, but better than nowt. Good luck!


  1. I love all the fall wreath tutorials I've been seeing lately. Thank you!

  2. Good luck with you eBay sale. We're planning a big garage sale here as soon as I can figure out what should go in it. I hope it's this year... :)

    Here's my favorite tutorial. I always send newbie sewers to it because it's so quick and easy and super cute.

    I'm also partial to Kitschy Coo's mod for it that puts a double elastic neckband in in place of the single. Just another twist on it.

  3. I want to win. Hmmm, tutes... I'm assuming that I can't say one of my own? ;) I don't often use other people's if I can figure it our myself, but one that I've definitely used is the duct tape body form:

    And this Japanese book-binding tutorial:

  4. I am a tutorial addict, I collect them and hardly ever do anything with them. But I did make an Easy Peasy Gardening Apron for my nearly 80 year old granny from a tutorial at Weinerdog Tricks this year, so I'll go with that:

    Good luck with your loft conversion. We're renovating too and it's hard to pick up a wallpaper stripper with enthusiasm when you just want to sit and knit!

  5. This bird mobile would be fantastic for your fabric oddments:

    I made one a couple of years ago. It took absolutely ages, and then I discovered that we had undrillable (well, without some sort of industrial equipment) concrete ceilings, and so I couldn't hang it up!

  6. Get thee to Happy Zombie for loads of cute stuff!