Monday, 31 January 2011

I am still here, honest.

But my laptop isn't, it's at the laptop hospital being fixed. Although the man said it would take 4-5 days and it's been a week....
So here I am logged onto a public access PC at work. That's how much I love you :)

I have been sewing lots, because I haven't had the interwebs to suck away my time into a big etsy / facebook / pattern review / folksy / generally random searches on Google wormhole.

Munchkin now has two new skirts and a wrap-around top, cut down from a dress I made her a while ago but that she never wore because it looked a bit like a dressing gown. I mended a shirt of mr PW's that had a hole in it, turned one of my dresses into a top and sewed a whole host of buttons back on to various garments.

And I made munchkin a winter coat, cried because the armholes were ridiculously small, cut it up, cried again, went back to the drawing board and am now in the process of making her a button through dress from the redundant coat outer, and drafting a new bigger armholed version using the lining as a template. Sorry there are no pictures, you'll just have to imagine all this :)

Hopefully, I'll be back soon, but now I must leave you and return to my cuppa soup and the remaining 7 minutes of my work break. Laters!

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  1. Urgh, poor you about the sleeve holes. I hate sleeves :( And a *do* feel a bit responsible for not having my military coat pattern ready when you wanted it, sorry x