Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hemming a-go-go

I've finished my skirt for Kitschy Coo's sew-along, a little bit late, but I had the pleasure of this lovely little lady's company for the weekend, along with her parents and grandma, so I was a bit short on time.

Once I'd finished oohing and aahing over my lovely niece, I took your advice and kept the length to match my boots, and finished the hem with blind stitch. I've got a special blind stitch foot for my sewing machine, and it was delightfully easy to use. It took a bit of concentration, and I don't think I would attempt after a glass of wine, but I'll definitely use it for any other skirts I make, it looks really good.

I'm pretty amazed I've made a piece of clothing I'd actually *wear*. Mr pickledweasel was also impressed, and has decided this means I never have to buy any clothes ever again.

Apologies for the crappy photos - it was late, our bedroom's a mess, and mr pickledweasel is no Mario Testino. I look bizarrely lumpy, but I'm blaming mr pickledweasel's lens angle, rather than my svelte form. And the facing is peeking above the waistband because I haven't tacked it into place yet, naughty me.

I'm going to buy the Cal Patch book next payday, so hopefully I should be able to do any future sew-alongs properly, rather than some sort of market stall rip off version :) Although saying that, I am liking Sew U and am going to make the skirt again. Grown up clothes are exciting!


  1. Very cute! Long skirts with boots is a pleasure I can't indulge much in Tucson anymore. :( The fabric looks like you can wear it with a casual top or even dress it up with a cardigan or blazer.

  2. Oh, and I just shown a little sunshine on you with The Sunshine Award. Almost as good as a jar of sunshine from Tucson. :)

  3. What a great job you've made of your skirt and I'm pleased to see that you decided to go with the length to match your (great) boots.

  4. God, your niece is very cute! The skirt looks really good, the facings are very pretty and it's exciting you've made something you'll wear! Looking forward to you officially becoming a Cool Girl next paycheck :)

  5. that skirt is really nice...good job...I LOVE the pockets...I am totally copying you for my next skirt ;)

  6. Thank you!
    (especially the lovely spammer whose comment I don't know how to get rid of :)