Thursday, 18 March 2010

Scrapes, Skirts, and Stickers

The sneaky Derryth guessed the mystery object correctly, although she cheated because she'd read my Facebook status earlier in the week :) It is, in fact, part of my car. And it should go there, in that picture above, where that rusty bit is.

Only it fell off (along with a lot of paint) when I somehow drove very very close to a big stone pillar thing. The pillar thing is on a corner on my road, and every time I get in my car I have to drive past it. Only it was about 9pm, and I had the radio on loud, and there were lots of cars parked in awkward places on the corner, and I was tired, and I didn't hear the crunching noise until it was too late. Mr pickledweasel reckons it can be fixed quite easily, but that didn't stop me sobbing like a 2 year old.

I'm having a bit of a bad week really - right now I should be in the pub with some friends, but mr pickledweasel's family descends tomorrow for a long weekend, and as I'll be at work all day the cleaning / food shopping / meal planning / sleeping arrangements had to be finished by tonight. By about lunchtime it was very clear that this would not be happening, as I had drastically underestimated the dirt levels in my house. Everytime I moved anything to clean it I found more things to clean. Munchkin was her usual well-meaning helpful self, but learning how to open the box of dry cat food and adding the word 'why' to her vocabulary on the same day was not great timing.

I've still found time to finish my skirt though, in between dried-on weetabix removal and researching how to spray paint wheel arches. Although I've realised that the Sew U book is very different to the Design Your Own Clothes book. Mine is kind of like having someone hold your hand while you use a commercial pattern for the first time, and has more emphasis on style rather than fit. So all that's left is the hem, and here's where I need your help. Long? Short? Middling? I'm undecided. For reference I have provided two alternative footwear choices - a boot, and a sandly wedge which makes me look like I have fat legs. The skirt is kind of medium weight, so could be worn with tights and boots now, or fatbare-legged in the summer.

My original intention was to have bias binding as a finishing, but as things went on I decided this was a bit advanced. Instead I used the contrasting fabric as a facing and inside the pockets. I'm thinking of trying to do a blind stitched hem, as I have recently discovered a special blind stitch foot for my machine, but I might practice a bit first.

In terms of fit, it would appear I am a 'Large' in Wendy Mullin's world. I was secretly hoping it would turn out huge, and that I'd have to drop a couple of sizes, but it's not so, unless I'm missing the point and it's not supposed to sit so low on the hips. It is a bit big on the bum though, although I don't know how I'd rectify this. Any ideas?

And so to the stickers. As I seem to have spent the whole day cleaning, Munchkin has had to entertain herself quite a bit. She has one Peppa Pig magazine (purchased during a christmas shopping trip - a moment of weakness on mr pickledweasel's part) and it has a sheet of stickers with it. I went into the kitchen to do the washing up, returned about 15 minutes later to find her fully embellished:

Almost as creative as her 'Paint Your Own Mug' mother's day present, which survived its baking in the oven, much to my surprise :)


  1. Definitely the length it is now with the boots! In my humble opinion :)
    Love your little one's creative endeavours!

  2. I most definitely prefer the skirt with the boots look.
    My little girl has to have a sticker put on her pajamas every night before bedtime. I usually find it either stuck to the front of one of her teddies or tangled up in her hair by morning. They are funny little creatures aren't they?

  3. A third vote for the boots. With the shoes, you look like a bit of a librarian. OMG, I'm soooo funny.

    When you get the funds, I really think you'd enjoy the Cal Patch book. Or can you get it on inter-library loan?

  4. Boot length it is then.
    J- Munchkin has a sticker after nappy changing time in the morning, they're such creatures of habit.
    Yes, KC, you are hilARious :) I'll have to save my pennies to buy the book, because we don't have it in any library in the county at the minute.

  5. My vote is too late, but I would have voted for boot length, too. For what it's worth.

    And I did a bias binding, and it wasn't hard at all. I've heard scary things about bias tape, and perhaps I did it wrong. But it seemed pretty straight forward, just the way you would do any other facing. Again, FWIW.