Sunday, 14 March 2010

I've popped my cherry

At long last. I have sewn in a ZIP!!1! I did it all by myself, with the help of two books and a big cup of tea. And maybe some biscuits.

I don't know what I was so frightened of, it seems quite straightforward really. It's part of the skirt I'm making for Kitschy Coo's Sew-along, although I'm doing the poor relations version as I haven't got the book she's using. I've got Sew U instead, which I think is pretty much along the same lines.

It's all going ok so far, and I'm being a good girl and following the instructions properly and not cutting any corners. Although it started off quite badly when I read the size chart for the patterns in the book and discovered I come under 'Large'. I am a British size 10 / 12. That is not large. Had I been a size 14 I would have had to stick the book on eBay, because the patterns don't go up that 'big'. Quite frankly, I find that slightly ridiculous. Who made that decision? I checked out the author's off the peg range, and it would appear a similar fascism policy is applied, as clothes only go up to a 'Large' - is a 37" bust, 29.5" waist and 40" hips large? I think not.

Anyway, I'm beginning to rant, and that's not healthy on a Sunday night. So far I have cut out my pattern pieces, sewn my back seam and sewn in my zip. I'm doing pockets tomorrow, although I have to wait for the loan of grandma pickledweasel's bias binding tool maker thingy for that. The book has three basic patterns - skirt, shirt and trousers - and construction instructions for each, and then suggests some design variations. I'm making a slightly shorter skirt with patch pockets, which is finished with bias binding rather than facings.

I was able to get quite a bit done today as it's Mothering Sunday, and the lovely mr pickledweasel a) let me have a lie-in b) cooked a massive roast dinner while me and grandma pickled weasel and munchkin went to a farmer's market c) entertained munchkin in the afternoon so could get some sewing done. Munchkin gave me 'poft' (post), which was an envelope containing a little rhyme about mommy's, which she had lovingly decorated with Waybuloo stickers. She also bought me a paint-it-yourself mug which we had much fun decorating together. I shall provide you with photographic evidence of its artistic genius after I have baked it in the oven tomorrow :)

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  1. Me too! I am a zip virgin no longer having this week made a little purse thingy. Like you I found it not quite as scary as I thought it would be!
    Glad to hear you had a lovely mother's day, looking forward to seeing the finished mug!