Saturday, 23 May 2009

Arm Trousers

Remember I used an old shirt of mr pickledweasels to make part of munchkin's cushion cover? I had quite a bit of shirt left over, and thought it would be a shame to waste it. So with the power of the interwebs I found this tute from luvinthemommyhood (who has an excellent blog) and made munchkin a little pair of trousers with mr pickledweasel's sleeves.

It was quite an easy make, and I'd say it took about 2 hours in total - and a lot of that was faffing around trying to get munchkin's measurements. I was really worried about making them too short, and of course, they ended up being too long!

Mr pickledweasel says they look a bit like pyjamas :( But I said that was his fault for having a pale blue shirt :) The shirt I used had a double cuff, as mr p likes his cufflinks. I did think about making little cufflinks with the pink buttons I had, but thought the backs might be a bit scratchy on her legs. So instead I sewed the cuffs together, and then stitched the button on top.

As the trousers were a bit big I thought they would sit nicely on top of the cuff and go a bit pouffy, but munchkin's foot is too small! Never mind. She'll grow into them :)

This'll be my last post for at least a week, as family pickledweasel is off on holibob to lovely Cunbria. Have a lovely half term week! xxx

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