Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Craft Drizzle and Twelve Months of Munchkin

I have been crafting an eensy weensy bit. I've just finished this embroidery, which will be the centre panel in a cushion for Munchkin's room. I can't take credit for the horse, that's a little iron-on motif, but I'm very pleased with my nice straight letters. They were transfers from a 1970s book of letters for embroidery that I bought on eBay a few weeks back, and I've been itching to do something with them. Hopefully my trickle of craft won't dry up, and I'll get to finish the cushion soon.

In other news, Munchkin is ONE today. Where did the last 12 months go? It felt like last week there was this:
and then yesterday there was this:

and now there's this!

The photo above was taken on saturday, when we went to Chester zoo with assorted Grandmas, an aunty and an uncle. We had a lovely day, and munchkin was decided the best things about the zoo were the man with the huge bunch of helium balloons, and the monorail :)

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  1. She's adorable, both now and as a newborn :) Very happy birthday to her!