Friday, 15 May 2009


You know when your mom asked you to do something, like dust the sideboard, or tidy your room, and you did it in superfast time and then shouted 'Fiiiiiiiiiiinished'? That's what I've just done.

To my delight I have discovered I can sew when munchkin has gone to bed - I'd tried a few months ago and she'd woken up when I started pressing on the foot of my old, noisy (but very reliable and much loved) Bernina. Anyhoo, I tried again last night, with mr pickledweasel stood outside her bedroom to look for signs of stirring, and not a peep! So I finished her cushion. I'm very pleased with it, as a) the stripes are all straight, b) it fits the cushion pad, and c) it was really cheap, made from an old shirt of mr pickled weasel's and some red cotton sheeting that cost £1.25 for half a metre. A veritable success!

1 comment:

  1. Looks great and hooray for nighttime sewing!