Saturday, 30 May 2009


Family pickledweasel got back from a lovely holiday today, having spent a week with good company, good weather, alcohol and a large amount of cheese. We walked, boated, shopped, read, practiced crawling and looked at cows. It was fab.

After bunging a load of washing on and putting munchkin to bed, I started sifting through my emails. Ooh, there's one from Etsy. Hold on. SOMEBODY'S BOUGHT SOMETHING!!! Wooooooo!

Ages ago I put some little brooches I'd made up on Etsy, but very quickly realised they were a very small drop in a very big ocean, and that no-one would probably ever find them, let alone buy them. Anyhoo, a nice lady has bought not one, but 2! They'll be winging their way to California on Monday morning.

I'm very pleased :) I might just make some more - it's been ages since I did some wire knitting, and the little wooden shape brooches are very easy to whip up. Now, what shall I spend my profit on?

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  1. Yay, well done! A holiday and then some sales, sounds like a perfect week:) Dunno what you should buy, but you should treat yourself!