Saturday, 6 June 2009

Taxes and Treats

Not only have I sold a couple of brooches and made a weeny profit, I aslo got a nice tax rebate this week - hurrah! It would appear I overpaid the lovely people at HMRC by three hundred odd quid last year, and they've very kindly given it me back. What riches!

So, how to spend it? For starters I've bought this beautiful print from Sally Elford:

It's called 'Approaching Storm' and it's kind of what I was trying to achieve with the etching I did a while ago, although Sally's is proper art, and mine looks like a small child's attempt :) You can find more of Sally's work over at Boxbird, a cool little online gallery.
I'm also going to buy a shiny new mp3 player, and one of those doughnut speaker docking thingies (that's the actual technical term for them). Family pickledweasel has just 2 small stereo systems, one of which doesn't work, and another which lives on top of the fridge and has quite specific taste in music. It won't play some cds at all, and others it will play about half a song, get bored, and skip to the next one. It doesn't like Bjork very much, although I have no idea why. Anyhoo, the idea is to buy a big mp3 player, put all of our cds on to our laptop, and then sell the cds on Music Magpie. Therefore freeing up a huuge amount of space in the living room, and making a bit of moolah in the process.
The final wodge of tax money will be divided between 2 benefactors - British Gas (for we have just recieved a mahousive bill) and The Neverending Loft Fund, which is our savings account to get our loft converted into a 3rd bedroom. So everyone's a winner! Happy days :)

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