Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Stars, clouds, and button rain.

I've been faffing about with t-shirts again, this time customizing a brand new one. I picked the tee up for 75p from the super cheap Ethel Austin. It's a kids one, age 14-15, but I can just about squeeze my chest into it :)

I'm liking it very much. My applique isn't perfect, but I'm getting there. I made the mistake of stitching round it twice thinking it'd make it more secure, but it's resulted in a bit of pulling, so next time I'll just stitch round once.

I picked up 2 more tees, both at 75p each, so I'll be doing some more faffing soon. They'll have to wait until next week though, as family pickledweasel are going camping this weekend. With a 13 month old child. Yes, we are insane. So I'm frantically trying to pack and organise food as I'm at work tomorrow and Friday. Plus I have a job application form that I have to fill in by the end of the week. Eeeek. So I'll see you the other side of the weekend, by which time I'll probably be wet, sleep deprived, stiff from sleeping on an air bed, and swearing I'll never go camping again. Happy days :)

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  1. Very nice! And might I say you're pretty slinky for having a young baby :) Enjoy the camping!