Thursday, 11 June 2009

Another cushion and a potential fabric goldmine

Remember the polar styley fabric I bought a while ago? I finally got round to making a quilt cover for Munchkin with it, although it is just a bog standard plain one rather than a patchwork one. I wanted to do a patchwork one using each of the little scenes on the fabric, and white and mint green strips of cotton as a border. But time and common sense intervened :)

As a compromise I've made this sort of patchwork cushion cover for her room instead. The polar bears were on a bit of waste from when I cut the cover out, so I sewed some beads and little snowflakes on to make them a bit more wintery, and then used some scraps of white to patch round them.

I'm off to a magic fabirc shop later this morning, that's only open 2 days a week and has most fabric at £3 a metre, or so I'm told by trusted sources. It's only a bus ride away, and I have no idea why I've never heard of it before. Maybe it's some sort of secret shop that you only get told about after you've done a certain amount of sewing? I'm off to check my sewing machine for bugs...

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