Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pillowcase skirt

Last night I finished a skirt I'd made from one of the 2nd hand pillowcases I bought on saturday. I'm really pleased with it - it was sooo quick and easy, even for a sewing pleb like me.

I used this tutorial from Leah Kramer, but made a few changes. I sewed the long tie for the drawstring properly, with right sides together, and then turned it inside out. I also did a LOT of satin stitch around the little eyelets were the drawstring comes through, as the fabric frays really easily.

My pillowcase had an evelopy flap at the bottom as well (where my skirt hem was), where you tuck it over the pillow to keep it neat, so I cut off the excess fabric and made the front seam the same as the back. I used some of the fabric to make my drawstring, but still have a bit left over. I *love* the print, so I might use it to revamp a tee.

Now I just need some sunshine to wear it!

Footnote: It was stupidly hard to try and take a photo of the skirt on without assistance. So instead of one good photo I've used lots of bad ones. As you can see, Munchkin made it into the frame when I was doing timed shots :D

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  1. This is great! I'm getting ready to make myself a pillow case skirt!