Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sea, sand and stitches

Sorry I've not posted for a bit, I went on holiday. Again. I know, I seem to do this quite frequently, but it's not usually like this, honest.

Family Pickledweasel very dutifully bought The Sun every day for a couple of weeks* and saved up tokens for those "Everyone goes on holiday for £15!!!!!11!!1!" promotions, and we had 4 nights in a caravan in beautiful Pembrokeshire.

It was very very hot, we had lots and lots of fun, and now we're back to normal life with a big bump, with only slight sunburn and a new taste for sand to remind us of our lovely holiday.

As per usual I did a bit of crafty shopping, and picked up these two tasty fat quarters from Inhouse Quilting in Narberth. I can highly recommend a visit, their shop is full to bursting with lovely fabric, but you can buy online as well.

So now I just have to get through a huge mountain of washing before I can start stitching again...

*I hate The Sun. So much so that I won't even put a link to them. I didn't read it when I bought it, I just cut the token out and put it in the recycling box, honest. But I can recommend their cheap holiday offers, as much as it riles me :)

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