Thursday, 30 July 2009

Is it winter yet?

It bloomin feels like it in Lancashire, with the amount of rain we've had in the last week. I picked up this hat for Munchkin in the sales at Next. It was nice and stripy, but I thought it could do with a bit of embellishment. One suffolk puff and a heart shaped button later, and ta daaaa!

Munchkin let me take one photo before she pulled it off her head, but then when I laid it flat to take another photo she decided she wanted it back :) I'm hoping she's a bit more tolerant of hats when it gets colder...

P.s. She's wearing a lovely new tunic from Kitschy Coo, but it's so nice it deserves a whole post of its own, so I'll blog about it with some pics this weekend :)

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