Thursday, 23 July 2009

Magic Fabric Shop expedition

My trip was a success, and I came back with a metre each of 6 different fabrics. This time I borrowed my mum's car, so I didn't have to fork out £5 for the bus!

These lovely blues and yellows are backing fabric for bibs - the 2 plain blues are a really soft babycord, and the patterned ones are just cotton. I'm liking the check, very cowboy shirty :)

I'll use this fabric for appliques - the car or the truck would fit quite nicely on the front of a bib.

This fairy fabric isn't really my kind of thing, but I can see how some people would like it. It's a perfect scale, as I can fit one fairy in the centre of a heart like I did with the bird fabric in my last post.

Grand total? £7. The fairy fabric was £2 a metre, everything else was £1 a metre. And a nice lady even gave Munchkin a lollipop because she was crying. Although being the responsible parent that I am, I didn't actually let her eat it, I just said thank you and that we'd save it for later because she'd make all the rolls of fabric sticky.* Although halfway home I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that she'd managed to chew through the plastic wrapper and was fervently licking it :)

* What do you do when random people give your 1 year old sweets? A neighbour keeps giving her Halls Soothers of all things, and he looked at me very suspiciously the other day when I said thank you but it was nearly lunch time and we'd save it for later.

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