Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Mmmmm, Valentine....

I have a huge crush on Valentine Warner. I love his passion for food, his eccentric hair, and that funny grin he does where he shows his gums a bit.

So I am v v excited about his new tv series of What To Eat Now which is on Monday nights on BBC Two. And I may just have to purchase his new book, rather than wait for my library to get it, just because his first book was so good and full of pictures of Valentine that I can drool over fantastic recipes.

And I have his Peach Melba tart in my fridge. Well, actually, a small slice of it is in my tummy, but I'm trying to be restrained so there's some left for mr pickledweasel when he gets home tonight. Plus it's 500 calories per serving. In my Valentine Warner fantasy he would cook me amazing food and then we'd make passionate love on the kitchen table, but I think in reality all that would happen is that I'd get really really fat from all the puddings he'd cook, and have to do the washing up all the time.

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