Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Beautiful button and blogging in bed.

My sewing machine is better - turns out it was the evil self-adhesive velcro I was using for my bib fastenings. I was sewing it on as well as sticking it, and the adhesive from the back was getting all over the needle, and the thread was sticking to the needle and not making stitches. So now I'm back to using plain sew-on velcro, and all is well.

Apart from me :( I'm in bed with a stinking cold, and Munchkin has been dispatched off to the seaside for the day with Grandma Pickledweasel. I miss her. And I wanted to go to the seaside too. I am feeling very sorry for myself. But this lovely button is cheering me up - Munchkin and Grandma Pickledweasel bought it for me as a present on one of their recent expeditions. I am going to while away the day in bed dozing and dreaming of the perfect project to use it on....

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