Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Too. Many. Things.

Oh Halp! I have a huuuuuge crafty project to-do list which currently numbers 10 things. Which doesn't sound like much, but when you remember that I generally have 4 free hours per 24 hours, it is put into perspective. And they're not just little things, they're things like, "Make sleeveless blouse from pattern in 1970's sewing book", which for an accomplished sewmistress probably wouldn't be very difficult, but for a little sewlet like me is quite hard. And 10 isn't the real number, it's probably more like 15, but I'm pretending it's only 10 and keeping the extra 5 in my head.

'Fine then,' I hear you say, 'just get on with it!' Which I am doing. But then every day I visit blogs like luvinthemommyhood and CRAFT and other exciting places and oooh, look, there's a tutorial for a lovely little skirt, wow, look at all these free bag tutorials, and ohmigosh, this shows you how to make a beautiful quilt from leftover fabric scraps and oooh some free embroidery patterns and TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!!1!1!

I already have a self-imposed embargo on buying new fabric. I have now banned myself completely and utterly from adding any new tutorials or patterns to my favourites. Until AT LEAST 5 projects have been completed. Sob.

Right. I'm off to complete a project. No, really, I am. I'll just have 5 more minutes on the interweb....just a quick look at Dollar Store Crafts...

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