Friday, 24 July 2009

My sewing machine is poorly

It is not feeling very well at all. It keeps skipping stitches, and just makes holes and leaves a long trial of thread behind but doesn't actually do any sewing. So my deadline of 8 things listed on Coriandr by sunday isn't looking very likely :(

According to my mom official sewing machine consultant it could be that the needle is blunt, or that my tension is wrong, or 'something else'. I haven't touched my tension, so it can't be that. I've replaced my needle but have been waiting for Munchkin to go to sleep before I try it out. I'm really crossing my fingers it's not 'something else' because that would mean a visit to the sewing machine doctor in Manchester, which usually means spending money.

Never mind, I managed to get in my entry to the Crafty Chica Beach Tote Challenge finished and loaded my photos up online. I like my bag, but it's nowhere near good enough to win, some of the entries are amazing! You can see them on the Flickr Group.

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  1. Bugger, hate when that happens! I normally take both the thread and the bobbin completely out and rewind everything. And cleaning the lint out from underneath helps too, much as it pains me to say / do... Good luck!