Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A happier bib experience

I've made another bib for lovely baby Rebecca, this time without cheap melty ribbon. I'm very pleased with it, mainly because the little bird works really well, but also because it is considerably less wonky than my last attempt.

I bought a nice soft denim shirt from a charity shop today, so I'll be whipping up some more soon, probably to sell. A question for you all*, if I may: Would you buy a bib with a button on it? Not a button as a fixing, a button as embellishment. I nearly put one on the little bird, but then thought some moms might be a bit worried about baby chewing it off and swallowing it.

I'm not one of those moms, (when gardening the other day I was very pleased that Munchkin only managed to eat soil twice) but I'd appreciate some other opinions. Thanks!

* by 'all', I mean Kitschy Coo, Nifty, and the other couple of people who read my blog :D


  1. Haha, happy to give my two cents! To be safe, I wouldn't put a button on a bib if it's going to someone else. What about an appliqued eye in a different fabric?

  2. Oh, meant to say on your last post that I recently had a zipper melt when ironed! It was a metal one so I thought it would be fine, but it was coated with a paint that melted and streaked onto the hoodie that I was finishing for an order. At the very last stage. About 4 hours after I started making it. I almost cried. Okay, I did cry.

  3. Oh noes! My bib trauma is now put into perspective - you must have been gutted!