Wednesday, 10 June 2009

T-shirt re-fashion

I've been inspired of late by all the tutorials available about re-fashioning t-shirts and thought I'd give it a go. Mr pickledweasel had a really soft shirt that he'd put in a pile of things to go to the charity shop, so I chose that as my victim project.

I have a shop-bought top I love that has tucks along the neckline, so thought I'd start by doing that and then go from there.

I cut the sleeves to make them more capped - I'm hoping the raw edges will turn in on themselves a bit after it's been washed.

Finally I re-shaped it by sewing a new seam from the armpit to just below the bust. Initially I sewed it all the way down to the bottom of the shirt, but when I tried it on I remembered I had hips. Doh! So I had to unpick the seam, but I quite like the holes it left behind, and I left the excess material so it makes a little pleat. I cut a bit off the bottom to make it shorter, and tadaaa! I quite like it. Now I just need some sunshine so I can wear it...

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