Sunday, 21 June 2009

Pom poms and pillowcases

We chickened out of camping. Or rather I did, mr pickledweasel was still well up for it despite the rainy weather forecast. I'd had a long couple of days at work and was very tired, and the thought of all that effort just for a weekend in a field was too much. I know, I'm a big old wuss.

Instead we went to Preston for the day on saturday. We went and saw an exhibition called Enchanted Worlds: Art of Fairy Stories and Mermaid Tales which had some beautiful illustrations and is well worth a look. We also popped round the corner to the PAD Gallery, full of pretty things and inspiring stuff. And, obviously, we went to Abakhans because they have a shop in Preston and I've not been to it before :)

I spent just over a fiver and got a load of goodies, including some white tulle to make this pom pom skirt for Munchkin. She refused to stand up in it, so here's a picture of how it should look from Happy Together's blog, where I got the tutorial from.
Other Preston bargains: 2 blue patterned pillowcases from a charity shop for 99p, one of which I'm making into a skirt, half a metre of Liberty tana lawn for £4 from the market (mr pw swears it's knock-off, but I don't care!), and 6 cds for £10. See, not only was it less work than going camping, it was cheaper too!
Although I now have taken a vow not to buy anymore fabric until I complete at least 3 sewing projects...

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