Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ink and Acid

Munchkin was very generous with her mothers day presents, and as well as a foot long Toblerone and the obligatory cute little houseplant, I got to escape for the whole day on Sunday, to go to a printmaking workshop. (ok, so it was mainly mr pickled weasel's doing, but I'm sure it's what munchkin would want for her mommy dearest).

I had a fantastic time, doing all sorts of exciting things I've never done before - I've always been interested in etchings, but never known where to start. The workshop was with a guy called Alan Birch, a print maker who works in Rossendale. He took me through the whole process of making a print, from initial drawings, etching the print with acid, adding aquatints, to the finished thing. I am quite proud of my efforts, even though they're a bit like the drawings of a 7 year old :) The photo above is of my print, and the photo below is of the plate I etched.

The only problem now is that I want to do it all again! Repeat after me: Must not learn new crafts, must not learn new crafts, must not learn new crafts....

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