Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. This is my brand new blog, all shiny and sparkly and....well, empty! Hopefully it'll fill up soon with lots of pretty posts. I've made a promise to myself to blog every other day, usually on a crafty subject, sometimes about my daughter (known from now on as 'munchkin'), and an occasional rant on random subjects thrown in for good measure :)

So my opening post features all three:

a) I've just got some exciting new fabric paints and they go on their maiden washing machine voyage tomorrow - I've printed a couple of tests stamps on a piece of jersey and I'm testing them for staying power. They're acrylics for fabrics, and so far I've been impressed with them. Photos to follow if they survive a 40 degree wash.

b) Munchkin, above, wearing one of my products. Hence the excitement about new fabric paints :)
c) Those new plug-in fragrance every 30 minutes motion censor air fresheners. Are they really necessary? Has society really got to the stage where we need chemicals sprayed into our living rooms every 30 minutes? What smells are we trying to cover up? What's wrong with the smell of 'house' (bacon, coffee, sports kit, wet dog, bubble bath, woodsmoke, leather sofa, musty damp bit in the attic, burnt toast)? They're a waste of energy and they make me cross.
There you go, a taste of what's to come. Hope you'll be popping by again soon, I'll keep some biscuits in just in case.

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