Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hello, Kitty!

Munchkin has very generously passed a cold on to me and mr pickled weasel, and we are both feeling quite sorry for ourselves. My symptoms were at their worst on Thursday, and so Grandma Pickled Weasel came and took Munchkin out for the morning so I could get some sleep and sit in the sun feeling wibbly. I sat and stitched the last bit of a kit I've been doing for a while, a lovely little Hello Kitty which was done on soluble canvas.

I've never used soluble canvas before, but it was easier than I thought. I think the fabric you use it on is quite important, and I chose a nice cotton dress to embroider because I knew it would be easy to stitch on. The kit was fab, came with everything I needed - canvas, threads, chart, instructions and even a needle (excellent, as I am always losing mine. Slightly scary prospect now I have a small child). The only difficult bit was the inclusion of *shiver* FRENCH KNOTS in the design. I hate french knots. Until now! I followed a fabulous tutorial from Sublime Stitching and finally mastered them.

When you finish stitching, you just soak your fabric in hot soapy water for 10 minutes and the canvas disappears. Then you rinse and dry it as normal. It reminded me a bit of leaf gelatine, maybe it is made of a similar thing. I was really pleased with it, and am trying to avoid the temptation of buying another one...

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