Friday, 13 March 2009

Noses, Grindstones, and Applique Flowers

So, it looks like I am in gainful employment again. I've been searching for a part time job since December, and was being particularly fussy in that it needed to be a) above minimum wage, and b) not cleaning, which didn't really leave many suitable positions. But I had an interview yesterday, and they rang late last afternoon (at 5.15, the b*st*rds, leaving me hanging all day!) to say I'd got it. Hurray!

I am to be a library assistant 2 days a week, at a public library (I'm not saying which one in case you come and point and laugh at me). I'm a qualified librarian, so the job will be a bit like down-sizing, but trying to find a qualified role that was part time was like searching for a Dibbler, so I ended up applying for whatever I thought I would get. Sound familiar, other mumtrepreneurs?

At least it'll bring in some pennies to keep me in the bedraggled style to which I have been accustomed :) If you like the embroidery designs above, you can get them from the fabulous Sublime Stitching as a transfer sheet.

Other cheerful news this week - munchkin has a beautiful new handmade dress courtesy of Grandma Pickled Weasel. I made a teeny weeny bit of it - the appliqued flowers, and I think I sewed 2 seams. The original idea was that it was going to be a dress for Christmas day, with baubles round the bottom. Only I was supposed to be making it, so when it got to mid february and it still wasn't finished, Grandma took over :)

Unfortunately munchkin doesn't stand up yet, and dresses don't photograph very well when you're sat on your big cloth nappy bum, so here's a shot of it sans munchkin. Why is needlecord so difficult to photograph??

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