Monday, 24 August 2009

In Praise of Kitschy Coo

You know when you start secondary school, and you're in the yard at lunchtime in your shiny new uniform and knee length white socks, and you see an older girl who is the epitome of cool - effortlessly amazing hair, outfit that bears no resemblance to school uniform at all, surrounded by equally cool friends, clever but not in a geeky way - and you think 'I want to be her'? That's what I felt about Kitschy Coo when I first set up shop on Folksy :D

She makes tonnes of amaaaaaazing children's clothes, doesn't appear to sleep, and manages to raise two very cute and scarily intelligent kids as well. I think she must be on drugs. I just need to find out what they are, and then I can be equally as cool :)

Anyhoo, she recently had a sale, and I bought Munchkin a lovely little babycord dress / tunic. Not only does it look super cute (as you can see from the pictures), it should last for another couple of years as it'll become a top as she grows. Ingenious!

So here's to Kitschy Coo, long may she continue to be the coolest girl in the yard :)


  1. What a sweet post, thanks very much! Munchkin looks adorable in her top, so glad you like it! But I still maintain, I'm not cool, honest :)

  2. Oh you so ARE cool kitschycoo! (Mind you, I think pickled weasels are pretty cool too)