Sunday, 23 August 2009

Pink bits

We have lots of them. We've returned from Kent with the obligatory sun burn, or at least me and mr pickledweasel have, Munchkin spent the whole time smothered with factor 50. But she has some sort of weird pink rash caused by grass / ants / airbeds. And I purchased a pair of pink Crocs. Oh the shame! I spent all last summer going on about how hideous they were, and how could anyone wear plastic shoes, and the holes in them looked really stupid etc etc etc. But actually they're quite comfy, and perfect for when you get up at 2 am and need to traipse to the toilet block for a wee :)

Other than the pink bits we had a lovely time. The wedding was great fun, and Munchkin was a little star all day. She got a bit wobbly towards late afternoon, but a quick nap and a go on the slide perked her up no end.

Camping was a great hit. Although I am thinking of crafting some sort of knee pad / glove combo so she can crawl around on grassy fields as much as she likes without me fretting :)


  1. Love her pretty dress, she's looking really grown up now!

  2. Awww, she's so cute :)